How do I get Southwest airlines promo code?

Southwest airlines is also known as southwest. It is the world’s largest low-cost carrier airline and also one of the major airlines of the United States. On March 15, 1967, this airline was established as Air Southwest by Herb Kelleher and changed to its current name, Southwest airlines. Southwest airlines provide the cheapest and great deals.

The easiest way to know all about the southwest airlines promo code, great deals and savings are to just sign up for the clicks ’n’ save. When you sign up, you will get an email notification, whenever there is a new deal available at the nearest airport.

How to avail of Southwest Promo Codes?

Southwest Promotional codes can be seen on coupon websites such as Retail Me Not, Don’ and is a travel blog that provides you with some additional knowledge about finding current Southwest Airline promo codes. If you are a loyal customer of the organisation, you may see Southwest Airline promo codes that appear in an email newsletter from the airline, so be sure you subscribe!

Facts about Southwest airlines Promo Codes

1) Southwest Promo codes are online coupons. As long as they are not out of date, they will work exactly like in-store coupons, saving your money on flights

2) These promo codes appear in newsletter and emails rewarding the regular customers for their loyalty. And you can find them here, on the regularly updated page.

3) Not all Southwest promotional codes provide you with a dollar discount or a percentage Some can be used for upgrades instead.

4) To use a Southwest Promo code, you can buy the tickets as usual but, at the time of checkout, fill out the box marked ‘promo code’. Hey, presto! And you’ll get a discounted price.

Southwest airlines military discount

Southwest also provides military discounts to active military staff and their families. They can avail of it by contacting southwest directly, they did not need to contact online or via a travel booking site or through their travel agent. They can directly contact the southwest at 1–800–1-FLY-SWA. This discount needs that the user show their military ID. In Southwest airlines military discount, it saves 5% or more on the Airfare.

Alternative ways to get tips related to Southwest Airlines promo code.


The customers can get the tips and information for their queries and issues from the social media handles of Southwest airlines Like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram and youtube and they can easily get all the help they need.


The customers can also email the query or the issue if they are facing any.


If the customer needs immediate assistance they can call on 1–800–1-FLY-SWA.


Southwest provides a list of featured FAQs by clicking on these the users can get answers to some commonly faced problems.

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